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Split Casing Pipes For Existing Pipelines







Bolt closing - No Welding - Install while pipeline is in service

Sizing: from 5 inch - 40 inch (125mm to 1000mm)

Hexagonal split casing
pipe may be used to protect existing pipelines, conduit clusters or cable lines. Pipelines may remain in service while casings are installed.

5 inch - 40inch (125mm to 1000mm) casing sizes are available. Material may be galvanized steel (4mm to 8mm WT) or stainless steel. (3mm to 6mm WT) EDPM for water applications or NBR elastomers seals for oil and gas applications may be selected.

Hexagonal design allows lighter weight material construction. Positioners (Casing Spacers) support the pipe in the casing. Rib flanges formers provide stability and strength to the split casing form.

Split Casing pipes protect pipelines when new Railroads, Roads are built across existing pipes. Split Casing ends may be sealed or left open for casing drainage.

Heavy wall 8mm to 22mm split casings are available for high dynamic loads. See round split casing below.

Hexagonal split casing ship ready to install with all necessary material.

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Split casing pipes provide protection for existing, gas mains, oil pipelines, conduit runs, communication lines, water main and sanitary line protection.install-split-casing-picture






Split casing pipes may be installed for secondary protection systems, where existing oil pipelines cross over waterways. Split casings may be installed at fuel storage facilities, Airports and Marine docks, when new crossover roadways are built.


split-conduit-wiring-through-enclosuresLong conduit and cable runs may be laid in the bottom section of a hexagonal split casing and cover protected with the top half.

The conduit and cable may be positioned with casing spacers so that the conduit runs are held the split casing clear of the bottom.

Multiple conduit pipe or cable wires may be strapped and run in the trough. For under water conduit runs, 316L material hexagonal split casings provide mechanical protection for communication lines and power lines.


 Hexagonal Split Casing Pipe sections are manufactured with a maximum length of 2m.split-casing-placement

Centralizers / casing insulators / casing spacers, hold the pipe in a fixed position in the casing. Casing spacers and end seals are supplied as part of the split casing assembly.



Pipelines that run close together may require a custom design for fitting purposes. Basic structures may be modified to accommodate existing field conditions.

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Sample Sketch

Cylindrical Split Casing, bolt closing - No Welding - Install while pipeline is in service


Split Casing Pipe Cylindrical Bolt Closing

16 inch - 60 inch (400 - 1500mm) Diameter
Wall thickness 8mm - 22 mm


Thick wall split casing pipe with bolted closings, protect existing pipelines where high static and dynamic loads are present.

Manufactured in cylindrical half-moon sections and 2 meter lengths they bolt butt to butt for the length of the run.

Forming ribs add extra strength and maintain ovality for the casing. Butt flange joint connector ribs insure a continuous run for the total length of the casing. Various end designs add versatilely to connector casings.

End designs are fitted for coupling connectors, open ends or custom ends for existing field conditions. Casing ends may be sealed with Modular Mechanical Elastomeric Seals or compression disk seals.


Split Casing pipe - weld closings - thick wall.split-casing-weld-joint-closing-with-weld-liner-protection


Thick Wall SPLIT CASING Pipes

Welded axial and butt joint split pipe casing

16 inch - 60 inch (400 - 1500mm) Diameter
Wall thickness 8mm - 22 mm





Split casing pipes for high static and dynamic loads, protect existing high pressure gas pipelines or other pressure pipelines.

Diameters available 16 inch - 60 inch (400 – 1500 mm), in wall thickness from 8 – 22 mm. Standard length is 2 m (6 1/2 ft.). Shorter pieces are also available.

High load pressure split casings may be used when a pipe intersect with other underground infrastructure.

Sections are welded together on site to form the total run length.

The inside surface of the casing pipe is covered with metal sheet that protects the pipeline from welding procedures.

Lifting grip hooks may be remove after the units are welded in place. Mounting brackets are removed after the split casing is weld closed.


For split casing sizing and pricing, provide pipe OD and length required.

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