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Duckbill Check Valves

Check Valve Inlet control Devise (ICD)

duckbill-check-valve-flange-mount-stainless-steel-back-plateDuckbill Rubber CheckĀ Valves, provide back flow protection, preventing sewage, slurries, and storm water inflows into manholes and control areas.



Duckbill Check Valves are manufactured in many applicable models.

Mainly the Slip on, Flanged and Insert model Duckbill valves are most common. All Duckbill check valves are based on low head deferential for opening and closing of the duckbill.



Duckbill Rubber Check Valves, are a cost effective way for process and flow control in sewage treatment plants, out falls and tidal operations. They are a fully passive flow device requiring neither maintenance, outside sources of power or manual assistance to operate.

Duckbill rubber check valves will handle large obstructions without jamming.



duckbill-valve-slip-on-pipe-modelDuckbill checkvalve sizing for a Slip-on model requires the OD of the pipe for the cuff ID. Most pipe types and pipe sizes can be fitted with a slip on duckbill valves.


Flange type duckbills are normally mounted on 125/150 class flanges and come with a stainless steel backer ring.

All pipe sizing may be accommodated with the flange style duckbill check valve as well.




Insertable style duckbill valves are sized, based on the the pipe ID and may be a flange style duckbill insert check valve or an expanding ring insert duckbill valve.

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There are several designs and material solutions for Duckbill Check Valves.



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