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    Liner connector seals

    Pipe Liner Connector Seals

    After a cured-in-place liner has been installed there is a certain amount of shrinkage associated with the installation.

    The section of origional pipe and renewed pipe before a manhole is not fully lined and cannot be completely sealed. An end seal is required. Liner End Seals assure the end of the liner is fully sealed and will not allow infiltration or exfiltration, or root intrusion into the pipe at the sealed end.

    Pipe Liner End Seals are designed to seal the raw end of a relined/renewed pipe which has been lined with a cured in place product, and prevent infiltration or exfiltration into or from the end of the liner.

    In the event that the section of host and renewed pipe liner enters a manhole where it is not fully lined or cannot be completely sealed, a pipe liner end seal is an appropriate solution. The liner end seal assures the end of the liner is fully sealed and will not allow infiltration/ exfiltration or root intrusion into the pipe at the sealed end.



    • Pipe liner boot seals are manufactured from EPDM Rubber and stainless Steel to withstand the harsh sanitary sewer environment.
    • Complies with material property requirements of ASTM C923
    • Quick and easy to install¬†Eliminates infiltration/Exfiltration between the Liner and Host Pipe.


    The Drain Liner End Seal utilizes expansion band to provide maximum sealing force with a minimum reduction in pipe diameter. The rubber is compressed against the host pipe and new liner creating a permanent mechanical seal.

    The slotted Band is constructed from a single piece of Stainless Steel, precisely rolled to match the diameter of the liner. The expansion band provides the maximium amount of strength and sealing force - with the least possible flow restriction.

    The band is expanded using a hydraulic expansion tool. As the band expands the integral latching mechanism progresses from slot to slot, positively locking on each one until the next one is reached.


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