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Waterproof Seals Multiple or Single Pipes

Pipe through wall water tight sealing: WA-GP disc pipe seals fill the annular space between a pipe and wall opening. WA-GP disc seals are low width seals requiring seating space of only 3 1/2 inches. They seal against pressing water of 36 psi (2.5 bar) - 80 ft. water column.

Single or multi pipe through the same opening may be sealed with WA-GP seals. A split version wraps around existing pipes and conduit to make a water tight seal for pipe penetrations where waterproofing does not exist.

For firewall applications WA-GP disc seals with high temperature silicone elastomer is used with additional fireproof fills to meet required ratings.

Material Specs

  • WA-disc seal compression plate materials are stainless steel for maximum corrosion protection.
  • EPDM elastomers for water applications, or NBR for oil and gas and Silicone for high temperature applications.
  • Operating pressures to 36 psi (0.25 MPa) (2.5 bar)

WA-GP disc seals fit all American and International pipe sizes. Inquiry at

Westatlantic Tech Corp.

WA-GP disc pipe seals

WA.GP-SR non-split units seal the annular space around a single pipe or conduit.


WA.GP-SR waterproof fractional diameter pipes. they seal around low curvature features of small pipe diameters.

Large diameter pipe sealing may use WA-GP-Seals for wall penetrations. Pipe/casing annular space seal applications may uitilize SR sealing for dry space requirements.


manhole-pipe-sealsWA-GP-SR low profile units are used for watertight penetrations of larger diameter pipes through round manholes.

The seating area required is 3 1/2" which allows pipe sealing through thin wall manholes.

The round shape of a manhole reduces the seating space available for a seal.

Manholes with 6" or 8" walls may have less than 4 inches of seating space available.

WA-GP seals only require 3 1/2 inch of seating space for a watertight pipe entry.

Because of the low profile, a WA-GP pipe seal may have the compression nuts inside the wall for easy access.

Download information data:

WA.GP-W (split) disc seals for existing pipes.


Split units seal around existing pipes: they wrap around the pipe and mechanically expand in the annular space around the pipe and opening.






The pipe remains in service during the install.

WA.GP-W Multi-Pipe/Conduit Sealing through the same wall opening.


Compression pipe seals, WA.GP-W seal pipe/conduit penetrations in new walls.



The only limiting factor on the number of pipes or conduit that may be sealed through the same opening, is the opening size and the total pipes or conduit through the opening.

Download cut sheet multi pipe seals

WA.GP.WK (split) models are used for sealing existing multiple pipe or conduit that already through the wall.


They provide water, gas ad smoke-tight sealing for pipe, cable or conduit through concrete walls.



Seals consists of an elastomer disks and two stainless steel compression plates. They are annular space seals used for steel pipes, PVC, PE, Ductile Iron and power cables. Pressure seal for up to 36 psi (2.5 bars) (80 foot head).


Inquiry to Westatlantic 902 455 4455 all pipe sizes may be accommodated

Cut sheet WA-GP-W conduit seals



Download WA- GP-T multi-pipe seal info sheet:

Large annular space Pipe seals:

WA.GP-SD units pipe seals water proof pipe penetrations where large annular space exist between a pipe and the opening.


- When a large pipe flange must pass through a wall that requires a large opening.
- Smaller diameter carrier pipe in a large casing.
- Where large annular spaces exist for any reason.


WA-GP-SD Split units.

  • WA- GP-SD-split units are available for pipes that already exist and a large annular space opening exist.
  • 2.5 to 5 bar (36 -72 psi) pressure seals.
  • Multi pipes through same opening with a large annular space.
  • Sealing for large annular spaces.




- EDPM, NBR or Silicone elastomer
- Compression plates 304L stainless or 316L stainless

Opening sizes 3000 mm - 118 inches



Large annular space seals cut sheet.

For WA-GP disc seals for pipe penetrations:

- Pipes not centered in the opening.
- Wall waterproof liner and pipe seals.
- Casing spacer end seals.
- Seals adapted for water hammer.
- Deep seated long bolt seals.


Modular seal links Silicone "T" element for high temperature pipe conditions up to: (+230 ° C) / (+446 ° F).

Compression plates are stainless steel in for "T" seal links.

silicone-rubber-compression seals




Modular Pipe Seal Silicone Hi Temperature
Temp withstanding Stainless pressure plates

WA.GP-W compression seals for multi penetrations and Modular Hi-Temp pipe seals with silicone rubber elastomer, for high temperature applications.

Non-Metallic disc seals - through wall compression seals

Pipe casing end seals - or Special requirement seals

WA-GP-P disk compression seals are 14 psi seals. WA-GP-P-DL models are 28 psi Seals. They fit pipes from 3 inch up to 120 inch.


Non - Metallic compression seals may be used for non centered pipes by off-setting the pipe port location in the seal.. Or may have multi port openings for several pipes, cables through the same opening. No metal parts.

When used as end seals the port opening axially accommodates the leg height for the pipe/casing combination.


Application range:  Sealing pressure 0.1 MPa (14.50 psi). WA-GP- P-DL models (double seals) seal against of 29 psi hydronic pressures. May be used on pipes up to 120 inch diameter pipes.

Advantages: Pressure sealing for pipes, Conduit, Cables that penetrate a concrete wall. Pressure sealing for end seals on a casing carrier pipe.  Seals against Liquids, Gases and Smoke. Reduces Vibration.

Scope of delivery: Seal elastomer, Non-metallic (Nylon) pressure plates, compression bolting. Seal elastomers may be: EDPM (-30 C to + 90 C) NBR (-20 C to +90 C)

Material: Pressure plates - corrosion resistant stainless steel V2A (AISI 304L); (V4A (AISI 316L) on request). Rubber: EPDM: -30C - +100C, NBR: -20C - + 90C

Tightness: Tight to 0.1MPa – 0.2MPa

Rectangular or square openings - pipe and conduit through wall sealing

WA-GP-WP models have stainless steel compression plates. The sealing assembly may be a split version for pipes or conduit that already exist. A split version is used when long pulls are involved, for conduit or pipe after that penetrate the wall.

Water tight sealing for multi pipe or conduit clusters.






EDPM, elastomer seals for water applications, NBR elastomer for hydrocarbon applications or Silicone elastomers for heat affected pipes. Sealing to 36 psi (80ft water head)

  • Seals are designed for all dimensions.
  • Provides watertight tight seals to 36 psi.
  • Prevents migration of liquids, gases and smoke.
  • Reduces noise.
  • Split version fir existing pipes, cables (etc.).
  • Flexibility sealing.
  • Angular deviation of pipe axis from the bore axis may not exceed 2 °.

Contact Westatlantic for with details on the project for correct sizing.

WA-DL.GP Models provide 72 psi sealing (160 foot water head)








Double Disc-Seals for pipes are used when higher pressure seals are required  up to 5bar - 72 psi. (160 foot water head)

The elastomers may be , silicone, NBR or EDPM. The elastomers may be mix to meed field requirements: E.g. one elastomer disk silicone and the other NBR or other combination.

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