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Large Diameter Pipe Sealing.


Building Foundations - Sewage Trement Plants - Manholes

WA Modular Pipe Sealing for American and International large-diameter pipes.

WA engineered modular mechanical seals, links to fit all pipe sizes. Optimum torque windows allow easy installation for field installers. Leak free solution for all pipes through walls.  

Elastomeric Pipe Seals, EDPM rubber links or NBR links with 316 stainless nuts and bolts. Torque windows insure all links tighten to optimum compression.

72 psi WA links provide excellent solutions for large pipes. Durable underground protection.

Permanently seal pipes, cables and conduit passing through walls, slabs, underground vaults and chambers. All links display visually indications to insure bolts are tighten to optimum.

WA Modular seal highlights:

  • Bolts are visually confirmed to be at optimum torque.
  • EPDM Seals for water and sewer applications, NBR Seals for fuel, oil, gas pipeline seals.
  • Corrosion protection - 316L nuts and bolts.
  • Sealing for smooth - plastic, PVC, metal pipes.
  • No special tools required.
  • Nuts are molded into pressure plate, no lost parts - no re-tighting, optimum tightness confirmation at a glance.

NBR rubber seals for oil and gas applications

NBR-rubber-pipe-sealsThe only modular seal with a visual confirmation of accurate tightness.

Dedicated oil and gas modular seals with NBR elastomers and 316L stainless steel hardware, 72 psi hydronic seals.

For pipe through wall protection. NBR rubber elastomers provide greater endurance and safety for oil and gas steel pipes.

72 psi seals with corrision protection 316L bolts and nuts.

Large-diameter pipe sealing through concrete walls, vaults refinery and oil and gas handling facilities.

Visible torque indicators - insure security of the installation.

  • Integrated inspection window - accurate installation confirmation.
  • No waiting time between tightening.
  • No time consuming repeated retightening.

WA total pipe through wall protection multi component systems - integrated wall sleeves - pipe sleeves - modular seal assembly.

See sizing information below:





Seal pipes through core holes, wall sleeves or pipe sleeves.
Tight up to 72 psi (5 bar) ( Lloyd register).

"Yellow window" - "Safe" -"Watertight"

Introduction GKD Seals

Install guide quick reference

Install manual Detailed GKD modular seals:

Download GKD Modular Seal Manual:

Download GKD specifications:


French-Canada install manual


American and International Pipe Sizes


Download Sizing Chart

Large Pipe diameter series:

Modular Seals for large Pipe diameters 500 series Seal annular space 62 - 71.5mm / 48 inch (1220mm) diameter pipes

Modular Seals for large Pipe diameters 650 series Seal annular space 77mm-84mm / 78 inch (2000mm) diameter pipes

Modular Seals for large Pipe diameters 615 series Seal annular space 90-98 mm / 118 inch (3000mm)diameter pipes


Westatlantic will provide you with direct, rapid support in technical questions and will be glad to assist you in professional insertion and sealing of conduit, cables and pipes. Whatever you are planning, your project is in good hands with us. We will be glad to advise you individually and personally. 




For all American Pipe sizes (Pipe OD)

link-modular-seal-canadaStandard Modular Seal Link belt systems and GP disk seals for sealing pipe through concrete walls.

Waterworks EDPM seals, Oil and Gas Nitrile-NBR Seals, High temperature - Fire resistant to 440 F.

Pipe penetrations through Manholes, Wet Wells, Lift Stations, Valve Chambers, Concrete box Culverts and Bulkheads. For Water - Wastewater Treatment Plants and other connection systems, when water or gas tight seals are required.

Sealing for SDR Pipe, Ductile iron, Concrete, PVC, and Sewer pipes low or high pressure sealing up to 72 psi of pressing water.

For maximum corrosion resistance in treatment plants, EDPM elastomer and stainless steel bolting is standard seal material.

Seal elastomers: EDPM, for water applications and oil and gas resistant NBR elastomer for petroleum applications. Silicone elastomer Fire Resistant High temperature 440 F.

Viton element pipe seal plugs are used in "split, viton compression seal models", where applications require a Viton element for certain liquids.

Download Spec sheet for LU series modular seals:

Download a Installation guide for LU Modular Seals:

Read more: General rubber properties chart - seal element selection guide:

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Drawing LU modular seals underground pipes:


Pipes through concrete walls, modular LU Seal system advantages:link-seal-drawing

  • Provides a 36 psi seal, 80 foot head pipe seal system.
  • Seal integrity when higher head pressure is present.
  • Corrosion Resistance Stainless steel or galvanized bolting.
  • Pipe seals for large or small annular spaces.
  • Pipe seal sizing for all pipe
  • When annular openings are larger than the expanded thickness of a single link belt, two layer assemblies are provided.




DL Link Modular Models: for 72 psi - 5 bar, tight up to 160 foot water head.

link-seal-double-hight-pressure-modular-sealDL high pressure modular links element seals are available for conditions where pressing water is greater than 36 psi.




Double link interconnecting belts provide a hydronic seal to 5 bar (72 psi) 160 foot. head.

Download Data on DL-LU modular pipe sealing:

Foundation Wall Pipe Penetration Leaks, Water Pipe and Penetration Leaks Kits – Westatlantic Tech Corp, Leaking Pipe Penetration - Waterproofing Pipe Leaks, Pipe-Wall Seal Devices‎, Linking Pipe Penetration Seals - for Walls & Floors –‎, Premier method of sealing, capable of holding 72 psig (80 feet of head)-permanently sealing pipes of any size passing through walls, floors and ceilings-a water tight seal of the installation within poured concrete walls. Concrete wall Pipe Seals - Get The Most Reliable Pipe Sealing System‎, modular seals are considered to be the premier method for permanently sealing pipes of any size passing through walls, floors and ceilings, Seal pipe link wall penetrations, with Westatlantic Tech Corp Modular mechanical seals. Pipe link connection seals to buildings, manholes, penstock to power generation plants, pump wells, municipal infrastructure  

GP DISK SEALS for multi-pipe sealing: READ MORE


Seal more than one pipe through the same core. Watertight up to 36 psi of pressing water. Maintain leak integrity up to a 80 foot. of water head." Watertight up to 160 foot water head using D-LPS Models, see below.

For pricing Contact Westatlantic Tech Corp., USA and Canada.


Compression Disk- pipe seals for pipe through concrete walls, only 2-1/4 inch thick, even for large diameter pipes.

disk-pipe-seals-westlantic Westatlantic Tech Corp., offers compression disk seals for through wall conduit and pipes. Including a split versions, for pipes that are already in place.

Compression disk seal sizing is determined based on the number of pipes or conduit through the same opening. Hole size is the determining factor for the number of pipes that can be sealed using multiple disk compression seals.

Compression disk pipe sealing is used  for multiple pipes through the same opening, large annular spaces, holes or core holes too small for other types of pipe seals, when higher pressure seals are required. Eccentric compression disk seals are used for pipes that are off center through a pipe sleeve or drill core.

EDPM PUDDLE FLANGES: Sealing puddle flanges for cast in pipes through walls, floors, pool walls, Ice Rink concrete slabs.





Wall Sleeve assemblies:


Non-metallic cement bonded wall and pipe sleeves provide an engineered system for a total watertight wall opening


Wall sleeves for retrofit fit of Pipes through block walls

Read more on Cement-bonded-Wall Sleeves

WAT ZVR wall sleeves permanently bonds to the concrete and becomes an integrated part of the wall structure.

Engineered structurally from tough inherently stable plastic inner layer, the exterior has a special fused cementation coating for concrete-bounding. Eliminating the need for a puddle flange.

WAT. ZVR sleeves maintain complete ovality during concrete placement. A perfectly symmetrical entry point is formed for pipes and conduit passing through the structure. Ideal for block wall retrofitting or new block walls.

Cement bonding pipe sleeves are available from Westatlantic Tech Corp.

The coating bonds perfectly to the wall sleeve, and adheres homogeneously with the concrete or grout or mortar

WAT. ZVR wall sleeves are watertight at pressures up to 72 psi (5 bar) – used in conjunction with modular seals or disk compression seals and press seals, they produce a completely watertight penetration for pipes, conduit or cables.




READ MORE on pipe to manhole connector boots

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