Casing end seals

End Seals - Casing end seals

Material Elastomer available: EDPM - NBR - Silicone - Stainless straps






Casing end seals to fit all American and International pipe diameters.



Boot - end seals close he annular space between casing pipe and carrier pipe.

Split Boot end seals mount around casing and carrier pipe that already exist. By closing the annular space at the end of the casing pipes they protect the carrier pipe against dirt and moisture.

For pressure tight applications a pressure seal like a WA-disc seal, WA-modular seal or Mastic seal may be used.

End seals are fasten in place by stainless steel bands and clamps. Where back fill is involved 6mm thick elastomer is used. End Seals pull over the casing pipe and the carrier pipe slips through the smaller opening.

WA-R-Boot-Seals - for large diameter pipe differentials.



Very large casing to carrier pipe or large openings to small diameter pipes may be connected the "R" boot.. Reducing sleeves form part of the Connect.

WA-R boots allow great flexibility. EDPM, NBR or Silicone materials may be used with 304L or 316L stainless clamp bands.


End Seals for pipes with large axial movement

Ends Seals WA-MN



Casing end seals WA-MN allow thermal expansion.

Several arc folds make up the seal. A clear space cavity for expansion and contraction must be maintained at the connection point. The seal is contained inside the casing.


End Seal Type WA-"U" attach outside the casing and outside the carrier pipe.

Stainless steel clamping bands fasten the rubber collars to the pipe and casing.

For larger pipes special force clamps are supplied with the units.

If mounting to a wall pipe extension for weatherproofing, allow 4 inch (100mm) sleeve extension outside the wall for clamping the seals to the pipe.


End Seals Model WA-"N"end-seal-edpm-rubber-stainless-straps


End Seals Type WA-N protect pipe/casings up to 24 inch casing pipe.

The elastomer rubber may be EDPM, NBR or Silicone depending on application requirements. End seals come with stainless steel attachment clamp rings.



Seals stretch 7% for size fitting.

End seals may be replaced with pressure seals such as modular seal links or other annular space seals if pressing water is present.

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Typical End Seal drawings

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End-Seals eccentric, split or non-split.

WA-end seals custom. EDPM or NBR material.


End Seals protect the opening between the carrier pipe and the casing to prevent foreign material to enter. The annular space opening allows corrosion to develop if it is not protected, end seals help kept the space dry to assist with corrosion protection.

Custom split designs are available depending on whether it is a new installation or in conditions where pipe and casing already exist.

End Seals WA-SB-split-boot-seal for end sealing or pipe penetration protection.

Pipe stubs or external mount outer flanges around the pipe allow a boot seal to protect a penetration.

Thick rubber end seals are ideal for applications where back filling is involved. Boots may be up to 6 mm thick - EDPM, NBR or other elastomer are available.

WA-SBS boots provide above ground or underground protection.

The boots may be split for existing pipes, or non-split for slip-on type.


WA-SBS split boots can fit over wall sleeves stubs and a penetrating pipe

Where a long length wall sleeve passes through a concrete wall, one or several casing spacers be used to support the carrier pipe and hold it in alignment.


Pipe sizes from 2" to 42" may be provided with split weatherproof seals either through a horizontal wall or vertical pipe penetration through a roof structure.


End Seal Wrap Units - protect Corrugated pipe - Smooth pipe - For a Dry annular space.



End-seal / casing wrap protection for pipe joint entry where smaller pipes enter larger pipes.

WA-ES-Wrap has an adhesive back coating and reinforcement straps for a secure mounting to the carrier pipe and casing pipe.

WA-ES-Wrap will allow pipe to casing annular space sealing up to 8 inches (200 mm).

Wrap end seals prevent water infiltration or debris entry into the cavity space. The wrap is suitable for most pipe types.

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End Seals - Mechanical - Multi carrier pipe seals

WA-MPC-end seals are custom designed end seals for multi pipe through th same casing. Multi pipe end seals match the axial entry and exit orientation of the pipes.

The seals are 304L stainless compression plates with EDPM or NBR rubber seal elements.

There are many possible oreintation sealing pods which are match fitted in accordance with the entry and exit orientation of the pipes.

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END SEAL MASTIC - Casing pipe closure

WA-Mastic end seal


WA-Mastic-end seal: is a sealing system for a carrier pipe through a casing pipe. 


Synthetic mastic technology is used for: sealing the carrier pipe in the casing pipe.

Synthetic mastic have exceptional anti-corrosive  and sealing properties. It does not contain components hazardous to health or environment.

Anti-oxidizing properties, does not change the properties of the synteix (it never hardens) over its operational temperature range. 

  • Physical and operating properties*
  • - 150C ~ + 350C
  • Application temperature +100C ~ + 350C
  • Density 1.35÷1.45 kg/dm3
  • Electrical contact resistance >3.9 × 10 8 Ωm
  • Water absorption < 0.0665 %mass
  • Cathodic disbondment in electrolytic media 0 mm
  • Salt Test Spray positive
  • Adhesion to steel and plastic
  • Cohesive fracture (tearing in the layer)
  • Based on testing at Oil and Gas Institute (INiG).


Synthetic product of exceptional sealing properties.
Easy to apply - never hardens.
Exceptional adhesion to steel and plastics.
Does not contain components hazardous to health and the environment.
Compatible to use with all products of anti-corrosion protection.
Stable properties upon operation over many years.
Tightly fills the space between the pipes, preventing water, oxygen and moisture from accessing the pipes.

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