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Casing spacers, WA-Steel models, for large diameter pipes. Double in-line roller wheels on each leg, are designed for heavy pipes and ling pipe runs.

Wheel rollers are equipped with brass bushings and hard steel axles to carry the extra loads.

In-line roller wheels roll across imperfections at joints in the casing.

Advantages of roller wheels over slider type leg skids, friction forces are reduced and imperfections are less of an obstacle.

Concentric-legs provide anti-roll characteristics that allow the carrier pipe to maintain a relative position in the casing.

WA-heavy weight casing spacers offer advantages when a curved condition exist where higher forces are present in highway crossing and railway crossings.

Even spaced legs maintain contact with the top, side or bottom of the casing.







Steel casing spacers for large diameter pipes, finish materials may be carbon steel, corrosion coated, or stainless.


Leg lengths are fabricated according to position requirements of the carrier pipe.

Roller wheels are normal steel rollers, but non-metallic rollers may also be supplied.

Large in-line double wheel rollers may vary in diameter depending on carrier weight requirements. Generally 3" or 4" diameter wheel rollers are used for heavy pipe and longer casing runs.


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