Casing spacers stainless steel

Casing Spacers - Galvanized Steel - Stainless Steel

Steel casing spacers with wheel rollers WA-SR model:casing-spacers-large-pipe-heavy-pipe

Steel casing spaces with wheel rollers for large pipes. The rollers transfer slide resistance to friction reducing wheel rollers.

The height of the legs are sized to fit requirements, e.g. centered, centered restraint or bell clearance positions. Minimum leg height is 40 mm.

Roller diameter will vary in accordance with loads.

Composite wheels are also available when dielectric isolation is required between the carrier pipe and casing.


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Casing spacers WA-LS model for leading end position on large pipes:



Leading edge wheel roller casing spacers offer extra protection for large heavy carrier pipes.

Heavy force loads occur at the leading edge of a carrier pipe run.

A leading edge spacer protects the carrier pipe with a disc rubber ring. The wheel runners reduce friction between the carrier pipe and casing.


Leading spacers are slightly larger than following spacers which provides an up angle for smooth travel over imperfections. The end horns are angled as well to assist the carrier pipe around any direction or elevation changes.

The carrier pipe may be further protected by a stub piece where the leading edge unit is placed. It may be drill bolted and pull lines attached for a two force install.

Leading edge casing spacers are removed at the end of the installation.

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Casing spacers - multi pipe carriers


Friction reducing roller wheel casing spacers.

Galvanized steel or 304L stainless material.

WA-MP-CS carry more than one pipe through the same casing.

Designs are available for most requirements. Pipe or conduit with different diameters may be clustered in the same casing spacer.

WA-MP-CS Cluster Casing Spacers with composite wheels Insulators, isolate the carrier pipe from the casing.

Roller wheel legs and pipe carrier pods are designed for the required arrangement.
Roller wheel casing spacers reduce friction through the casing. Roller wheels may be steel material or composite material.

Casing spacer sizing is determine by the pipe diameter. Band clamp widths: can be 200 mm or 300 mm wide.

All American and International pipe sizes.

Note see* Non metallic roller casing spacers (with wheel runners) are available for all casing/carrier pipe applications.

Casing spacers Multi pipe: WA-MP-CS

Casing Spacers Insulators - wheel roller units.


Steel casing spacer design samples











Casing spacers for multi pipe carriers are available in galvanized steel, 304L or 316L stainless steel.


End-seals for multi pipe sealing are available for each configuration.

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Pipe joint restrains - dual purpose wheel rollers - Pipe through casing

WA-CS-RS joint restraint casing spacers protect bell joints by distributing the load to the pipe bore.

Restraint casing spacers are available for all pipe sizes.









Restraint Casing spacers materials may be galvanized steel material or 304L stainless steel. Bell/Spigot connection support.

Casing spacer restraint clamps reduce joint stress and resist pull back forces.

Casing Spacers with restraint rods are mounted at the joints to relieve joint installations forces. Non-Metallic casing spacers may be used in conjunction with the bell/spigot units.

Non-metallic casing spacers are mounted on the pipe at the mid-way point to prevent bending/sagging of the pipe.

Bell and Spigot restraints for concrete pipe.

Tightening bands and restraint rod combination add security for the Bell joints and assist with pull-out stability. The units are custom made for specific pipe and bell sizes.

Brief cut sheet restraint casing spacers

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Casing Spacers - grading adjustable leg heights. WA-AL- units



Casing spacers with adjustable leg heights position the carrier pipe at variable heights through the casing.

Grade flow through the carrier pipe is maintained if the casing is not on grade.

No leg top allows the band to set close to the top.



Centering insulators - Casing Spacer roller wheels reduce friction between the carrier pipe and the casing.

Wheel rollers reduce friction.


Carrier pipe not on grade through the casing.
Casing Spacers can be clamp fasten on all types of pipes; PE, PVC, STEEL, DI or CONCRETE, for any diameter range.
Casing spacers protect against damages to pipe coatings.
Casing Spacers are Installed without using specialist devices.
Roller wheel legs may be height adjusted from 50 up to 150 mm.
Casing spacers leg height adjustment models come in two halves and are clamped around the carrier pipe.

Centering concentric casing insulators cut sheet

Download height adjustment legs Information Sheet

See: Sample drawing of 30 inch (762mm) OD pipe spacer.



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For small or large diameter pipes - steel composite dielectric wheel rollers.

Fixed leg heights to fit casing ID


SEE: Non-Metallic Spacers

no metal parts

Casing Spacers steel materials, with friction reducing wheel runners may be used in combination with non metallic casing spacers.

Combinations of steel and non-metallic casing spacers allowing greater spacing between steel units. Roller wheel runners for steel casing spacers may be steel or composite.

For combination solutions of steel and non-metallic.

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Well pump casing spacers - well pump stabilization restraint rings

WA-CSP - Pump casing protectors



Stainless steel pump casing positioners have nylon wheel rollers, they assist with pump placement and retraction.

Nylon wheels reduce vibration and pump cylinder wear. The spacer legs may be sized in various lengths to accommodate casing restriction requirements.

All pump cylinder diameters and well casing diameters may be accommodated.


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HOW TO ORDER Casing Spacers



- Outer diameter carrier pipe.

- Inner diameter of the casing pipe.

- Casing Spacer material: Stainless, Galvanized.

- Length of the run.


Experienced staff will provide solutions guidance and recommendation for all casing spacer requirements.


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