Casing spacers

CASING SPACERS - Wheel Roller Wheels - HDPE metal parts

Friction reducing wheel rollers standard.


WA-NM-CS Casing Spacers/Insulators, provide cathodic protection.

HDPE (high-density, polyethylene) material support weights up to 7000 lb per casing spacer. Sizes to fit all American and International pipe.

Friction reducing roller wheels allow the carrier pipe to travel through a casing with less resistance. Roller wheel casing spacers transfer sliding friction to the roller wheels.

All legs are equal lengths, making roll moments less of a factor during installation.


Placement of carrier pipes through casing.

Casing spacers supported and positioned pipe inside a casing pipe.

Casing Insulators prevent damage to the outer coated surface of a pipeline during installation.


Easy Installation: wheel rollers provide minimal coefficient of friction allowing the carrier pipe to more easily pulled through the casing.

Cathodic Protection: with low moisture absorption of the polyethylene material.

Information Cut sheet

Specification data sheet:

Casing Spacers for large pipes

Casing spacers WA-NM-DUO II units fit large diameter carrier pipes - 3200 kg / 7054 lb static loads each spacer.

Casing Spacers with wheel rollers - NO METAL PARTS


Use two spacers back to back at the leading edge + 1.5m spacing along the pipe bore.
Nylon closing bolts
Material: HDPE
Runner Width 240 mm
Leg lengths: 32, 50, 70, 100, 160 mm, 210 mm - Legs: 1.25", 1.96", 2.76", 3.94", 6.30", 8.27":









Casing spacer - WA-DUO-II models have four wheel runners to support heavy loads. Insert forces are reduced by the roller wheels.

Casing spacers for pipe through casing or ducts, position the carrier pipe in the casing with specific leg heights.

The non-conductive wheel runners provide cathodic protection.

Casing Spacers WA-NM-DUO-II Cut sheet:

Casing spacers WA-NM-DUO-I model: with stainless steel strap bands:

Large pipe casing spacers, metalic locksWheel runners allow a smooth transition across imperfections. Ideal for slip lining (slip-lining) and pipeline renewal.

Casing spacers non-metallic wheel runners, large pipe weight supporting design for 7000 lb.., each spacer.

wheel roller casing spacers


Wheel runner legs low profile allow for a smaller diameter casing pipe to be used. Wheel runner casing spacers, are easy for crews to install, they do not require special tools or equipment.



Download a cut sheet for WA-NM-DUO Model Casing spacers

Casing Spacers WA-NM-TR models



Casing Spacers: WA-NM-TR units are designed for pipe diameters 6" -16" / 151 mm to 414 mm. Leg heights available are 30 mm - 50 mm - 70 mm – 90 mm.

Operating temperature: from -20 to 80 ºC / -4F to 176F.

Casing spacer WA-NM-TR models supports a static load of 1573 lb.. / 700 kg.

TR Model Data



Casing spacers WA-multi-pipe carriers - with roller wheels

HDPE Casing Spacers - No metal parts

Casing spacers WA-NM-MP non-metallic units carry pipe bundles of several small diameter pipes through the same casing.

Seperating holding pods keep each pipe isolated in the bundle, friction reducing HDPE wheel rollers assist with the installation.multi-pipe-through-same-casing-spacers-with-wheel-skids

Different diameter carrier pipes may be clustered together for placement through the same casing pipe or duct.

E-mail Westatlantic or telephone 902 455 4455 with your proposed pipe bundle.



HDPE roller wheel casing spacers reduce friction.





Pipe bundle casing spacers

Casing spacer samples of multi pipe combinations




Casing Spacers WA-NM-ZR no metal parts.

wheel-roller-casing-spacers WA-NM-ZR casing spacers are normally use for pipe diameters 12" to 32" / 310 to 800 mm. Leg height: 35, 60, 90 mm.



- Carrier pipe diameter range - 300 - 805 mm. 
- Casing Spacer has no metal elements
- Height of skid with rollers: 35 mm - 90 mm
- Width of the runner: 180 mm
- Material of the runner: HDPE
- Fixing material: Nylon
- Working temperature: -20 ° C to + 80 ° C
- Space between skids: 1.5 m + one spacer 0.15 m from the beginning and the end of the run
- Max load per spacer: 1500 kg


WA-DUO-100 or WA-ZR-90 casing spacers may be coupled together for heavy weight pipes.

The WA-DUO units have eight roller wheel supports..





The double units are used in certain load conditions, or long runs.


Place a Spacer 150 mm (6”) (from each end of the casing
1.5 m (5 ft..) centered along the pipe spool
Max static load each spacer: 1500 kg


Each WA-ZR casing spacer supports a static load of  - 1500kg / 3372 lab.


Cut Sheet:

Casing spacers WA-NM-L Models - Roller wheel .


Roller wheel Casing spacers WA-NM-L units, for pipe diameters up to 16 inch.


WA-NM casing spacers may be use to insert several pipes through the same casing.

Each spacer supports 660 lib.


Casing Spacers WA-NM- L model material specifications:

  • Diameter Range: – 4 inches - 16 inches (110 - 400 mm). 
  • No metal parts.
  • Leg Heights 24, 40, 60, 80 mm
  • Casing Spacer width: 125 mm
  • Runner material: PE HD
  • Lock material: Nylon, (On request - Stainless steel)
  • Spacing between skids: 1.5 m (0.15 m from the beginning and end of the casing)
  • Max load: 660 lb.. (300 kg)

Installation Video for WA-NM-L model roller wheel casing spacers.

See: draw sample of a (2) multi-conduit cluster and a (4) multi-conduit cluster

Casing Spacers WA-R-units: with metallic locks, for pipe OD 6" to 16" /160 mm to 420 mm casing-spacers-roller-wheels






Leg heights available: 28 - 42 - 58 - 72 mm (1" to 3")

Roller wheels reduce friction insert force

Each spacer supports a 400 KG / 880 lb.. each.

Download cut sheet WA-R model casing spacers

Installation Guide WA-R casing spacers

Casing Spacers - casing-spacers-small-diameter-pipes for small diameter conduit through casing.

Casing spacers WA-NM-BR models with roller wheels are non metallic HDPE material. Integrated reinforced heavy duty roller wheels provides less friction during installation.

WA-NM-BR units are used on carrier pipes 2" - 6" / 32 - 173 mm diameter pipes. Max static load support is 200 KG/leg. (441lb per leg)


Slip lining new pipe through existing pipes are facilitated by low profile non-metallic-casing spacers.

Wheel runners provide a smooth transition across low profile imperfections.

  • Leg lengths available are 15, 25, 35, 45 mm high.

Casing Spacer data Sheet: model WA-NM-BR



Additional pipes may also be attached to the main spacer allowing for a multi pipe configuration.

Top space for this configuration is required.

HDPE Physical Properties

Casing spacers Stainless steel, for applications that require metallic solutions.

Casing spacers with wheel rollers are available for all pipe/casing sizes.

Casing Spacers / Insulators protect the carrier pipe when they are pulled or pushed inside a casing pipe.

Casing insulators with wheel runners provide easy installation of the carrier pipe inside the pipe casing. They provide alignment of the carrier pipe through the pipe casing. 

Casing spacers clamp fasten on all pipe types; PE, PVC, STEEL, DI or CONCRETE. Casing spacers protect pipe coatings and are normally installed without using specialized tool.


Casing spacer Information required

To order a casing spacer for a pipe/casing the following information is required:

Outer diameter (OD) of the carrier pipe

Inner diameter (ID) of the casing pipe

Casing Spacer material required: Stainless, Galvanized, Carbon steel, non - metallic.

Other information relevant to the application (e.g. weight of the pipe, leg height see standard heights for each model etc).


Casing spacers all models

Casing spacer steel go to steel : or Casing spacers for multi pipes

For ordering: contact us: Transatlantic Tech Corp..,, 902 455 4455


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