Pipe couplings sewer pipe spigot couplings

Pipe couplings - Plain end connectors

Pipe couplings WA - GZ Couplings for low pressure pipes




Pipe connectors WA-GZ couplings connect sewer pipes and low pressure pipes. All pipe sizes from 4" - 96" (100 mm to 2400 mm outside diameter pipes)


WA - GZ unique technology offers a multi functional outer clamp bands and an inner clamp integrated in the same unit. The outer clamps insure tightness on the pipe. The inner compression clamp bands maintains pipe alignment and prevents bending at the joint.

Sealing elastomer are EPDM and NBR and Silicone with 304L stainless steel clamp bands.

Pipe connectors connect "Plain end pipes". The flexible coupling connect full length pipe sections or cutout sections for pipe repairs. Bell and spigot joints are not required.

Silicone elastomer connector couplings, connect very low or higher temperature low pressure pipe applications. (Silicone -100F to + 450F)

Pipe Connector applications

HDPE, PVC, Steel, PE, Cast Iron and concrete pipes.
Special designed with outer bands for tightness inner bands allow axial movement.
Stainless steel bands and locks for watertight connections
Max. operational pressure 0.5 bar - will vary with pipe size

Fits all American and International pipe sizes

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Pipe Coupling Connections for pipes of different diameters

WA-GZ-DS pipe clamp connectors

Connect different sizes pipes - Pipe reducing adapter


WA-GZ-DS pipe couplings seals, connect of pipes with different size diameters.

A WA-GZ-DS pipe connector couplings accommodate pipe that are not centered or eccentric joints.


All pipe sizes may be accommodated.


  • Diameter range: 100 - 2640 mm (4 inch. to 100 inch. pipe)
  • Maximum operating pressure: gravity feed lines Max 3.62 psi
  • Material steel: Stainless steel
  • Sealing material: EPDM, NBR, SILICONE
  • Working temperature:
    EPDM (-30 ° C - + 100 ° C)
    NBR (-20 ° C - + 90 ° C) Silicone up to 230 C

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Multi pipe connections WA-GZ-MC multiple-pipe-connectors-into-larger-pipe

Multi pipe connectors connect two or more smaller pipes through a seal into an existing larger pipe.

A WA-GP-MC units seal smaller diameter pipes connecting to a a larger collector pipe.

The smaller pipes may pass through a seal at the pipe end. Using a connector sleeve and seal, multi pipes can drain into a larger pipe at any point along the pipe bore.

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