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Advanced one piece pipe plugs - no joints - Safe.


WA-Pipe Plugs Inflatable units: one piece construction no joints. Thick wall long life systems for use on many applications. Durable and safe for the temporary blocking of pipelines. WA-Pipe plugs have 2-3 times thicker rubber than other plugs.

Plugs are made with one piece elastomer - no welds.

Units are fiber reinforced for high strength with excellent resistance to wear and organic solvents. Plugs are made from natural rubber having a thickness of no less than 10 mm.

They are thoroughly tested on all possible aspects before being delivered to our customers insuring a safe working environment.

pneumatic- pipe-plugs

Inflatable Pipe plugs WA-PP units, are equipped with one or more flow through valves. The plugs are suitable for carrying out pressure tests with water or air in accordance with local standards.

The plugs can be used for bypass functions as well as pipeline testing. They are very robust and the couplings are of the high quality for a no leak around seal. 

Plugs are constructed with consideration for the safety of installers and personal working in or near the lines.

Unique and specific production process guarantee safe and durable pipe plugs. 

Pipe Plugs sample spec.

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Control systems are available for pipe plugs to insure pressures in the plugs are monitored.

The control system prevent accidents in sewers related to failure of sewer plugs and to elevated back-pressures. It is an online system which works through the internet.

No special software needed, runs on every smartphone, tablet or computer. Continuous verification of the inflation pressure of 2 sewer plugs simultaneously. Continuous verification of the backpressure in the pipe.

In case the user-defined limit values are exceeded, users will be warned by an instant text message or email. Also, the unit will generate a visual/acoustic alarm. All values are automatically saved in the cloud. It is possible to generate reports of each parameter.

Inflatable pipe plus available for round, egg, arch or rectangular openings.

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Pipe plugs - Oil/Gas NBR rubber


Refinery oil/gas residue applications.

NBR rubber is used where residue of hydrocarbon product may be present. NBR has a much better resistance.

NBR is resistant to oils, greases , hydrocarbons and diluted acids. 

NBR plugs reinforced with cord are designed with a safety factor of 4 providing maximum safety.

The plugs may be equipped with one or more bypass pipes. The pipe plugs are suitable for carrying out pressure tests with water or air in accordance with the local standard.

Note** chemical resistance will depend on various factors such as: type, temperature, concentration and duration of the contact. The operating temperature is limited to approximate. 100°C.

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Packers Internal pipe repair:


Packers for internal repair of pipes consist of a rubber body and a flange at both ends. A double set of wheels are mounted on either side. The wheels are retractable and can be easily adapted to the size of the pipe. 

The flexible design of the packer can easily go through a manhole and be installed in the damaged pipe. 
The packers are suitable for pipe sizes from 200 up to 1200 mm (8" to 48") and are available in various lengths.

On request, the packers can be equipped with a bypass


Pipe Plugs Mechanical built in sections

pipe-plugs-mechanical-large-pipemechanical-pipe-plug-bypassMechanical plugs have proven to be very effictive when it comes to blocking sewers. 


They come in circular and egg-shaped models in various sizes. Each type disc plug is only suitable for one size. 

Materials are aluminum or stainless constructions and may be manafactured in one, two or three sections for assembly at the flow blocking site, manhole entry sometimes restricts one piece units.

mechanical-test-plugs-annular-pipe-plugsPipe plugs mechanical units: WA.GP-Z - plugs are flow stoppers or bypass units. Materials and seal configuration are selected in accordance with customer requirements











Working pressures will depend on the diameter of the pipe. All mechanical pipe plugs must be secured with bracing or friction fit bolts as a precautions.

Mechanical pipe plugs block pipeline flow during pipe maintenance procedures. They are gas and and watertight.

Reinforced plates allow higher pressures on the plugs, once placed and braced mechanical plugs do not require constant monitoring and are ideal when work requirements are carried out over longer periods.

Seals may be expansion modular seal links or compression disc seals, seal material is EDPM or NBR.

Mechanical pipe plugs have advantages over pneumatic pipe plugs when longer term maintenance projects are planned. They are left in place for the duration of the project and require less monitoring.

Large pipe plugs may be split for handling.

Plugs requiring diver installations have designed internal air chambers for buoyancy assistance. Pressure resistance depends on the plug diameter and physical construction of the plug.

Mechanical seals pressure resistance depends on the diameter and type of plug being used.

Pipe Plugs mechanical - for larger pipes (8" diameter to 120").

WA-GPZ Mechanical pipe plugs



- The rim seals may be EDPM, or NBR elastomers for oil/gas related projects.

- Mainframes may be 304L stainless or 316L stainless.



Pipe Plugs mechanical - for smaller pipe diameters 8" or less.


Mechanical pipe plugs WA-GPZ for small diameter pipes are placed for periods of long duration.

The seal elastomer is EDPM (other elastomers are also available). The compression plates are corrosion resistant 304L stainless. (316L is also available)


WA-GPZ plugs may be fitted with a by-pass opening. Fits all American or International pipe sizes up to 8 inch, 200 mm.

Mechanical plugs can seal wall openings for future pipe passage into a building.

Mechanical pipe plugs WA-GPZ-DL up to 28 psi ( 2 bar) are available, the units have a double seal.

Pipe plugs mechanical cut sheet

Mechanical pipeline plugs WA-Gas plugs - three (3) inch to 20 inch, standard: larger plugs are available on request.pipe-plugs-gas-pipes

Low Pressure gas pipe line flow stoppers, with NBR elastomer seals.

Mechanical Gas pipeline plugs can be used for PVC or steel pipes. 


Gripper plugs WA-GP-units

Test Plugs Mechanical with wing nut tightness: 40mm to 450mm (1 1/2" to 18")

Zinc plated steel - aluminium-galvanized, rubber element seals. Butterfly fasteners, quick installation.









Aluminium Test Plugs







Aluminium Test Plugs – 40mm up to 600mm

Steel Test Plugs Double Seal - 40mm up to 450mm diameter

Galvanized Test Plugs up to 400mm

Aluminium Test Plugs Double Seal - 40mm up to 600mm diameter

Small Nylon Plugs

Super Nylon Testing Plugs

HDPE Test Plugs for Pressure Testing to 6 bar












Sizing Data mechanical plugs

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