Pump heat wraps


Pump heaters - Equipment covers - Generator covers - Pipe heaters

Heater wraps Insulated for cold weather protection.

Pump heating protection solutions, all size pumps.

Heating wraps: flexible, durable, insulated. Industrial grade with tough DuPont cord construction.

Pump Heater Wraps Standard: WA.Pump-HR models

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Custom Units
- Explosion-Proof -Wraps - C1D2

Pump Heater wraps designed and built for outside or inside conditions. Protect vital equipment in very cold weather, prevent the pump from freezing.

Heated pump wraps may be designed for any pump size. WA.Pump-HR model heat wraps are especially designed for industrial applications, tough material construction for long lasting use.

Pump Heaters Cut Sheet

Pump Wrap ordering:

Heating wrap covers protection quipment in cold conditions.

Equipment containment heaters WA-ER-model

power-wrap-equipment-protectionHeated wrap systems WA-ER- units are used in cold regions when products may be damaged in low freezing temperatures. Protect vital equipment during shipment in cold containers or un-heated transport or unheated storage.

Heated covers WA-ER- wraps are weather proof and protected by a thick layer of flexible elastomeric insulation. Equipment warming wraps are available for all size containers.

Freeze Protect costly equipment.

Covers are industrial rugged DuPond strength for long lasting use. Automat tic controllers regulate temperature levels.




Generator heaters WA-GR-model



Heating wraps protect diesel generators keeping the units at optimum start temperature.

Heated wraps offer travel cover protection. These rugged wrap Heaters can endure -40F temperatures. They are easily folded for storage when not installed.



Pipe heaters WA-PR-models

pipe-wrap-heaterPipe heaters are designed for freeze protection of pipeline fluids.

Pipe heating wraps are used in many freeze protect applications. They are engineered to withstand the harshest outdoor environments.

Pipe heater units may be temperature controlled with a digital controller or with an internal sensor controller.

Pipe protector heater wraps are a two part system allowing the inner pipe heated wrap to be installed in direct contact with the pipe.

For maximum heat retention, the secondary outer layer is made of closed cell foam insulation components. The inner portion of the insulation layer has a heat reflective aluminized Kevlar layer and an outer PVC exterior, making it durable, water-proof Arctic class insulator.

Pipe Heater wrap cut sheet:


Cylinder tank heaters WA-CH-models

gas-cylinder-heated-wrapGas cylinder heater wraps are easily installed and designed to fit securely. The heated wraps insure operating gas pressures are maintened, The units wrap around the cylinder and secured with Velcro closures or Nylon straps.

WA-CH-models have a Dupont Cordura exterior - Urethane lined for tear resistance.



• PU laminated rip-stop nylon inner liner
• Dupont Nomex heater construction
• Silicone insulated heating element
• Dupont Nomex felted insulation
• Power - 800 watts
• Thermostatically controlled at 130F
• Dabond 2000 Thread -UV and abrasion resistant
• 120V & 220V models available

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