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Puddle Flanges - Wall Collars

Pipe through wall sealing

Puddle Flanges WA-PF EDPM units and WA-PF-NBR units.

Puddle Flanges cast in a wall around the pipe penetration. They prevent water from migrating along the outside of pipe penetrations into the building. Stainless steel bands clamp the units firmly to the pipe.

Puddle Flanges for all American and International pipe sizes

Floor sleeve wall collars protect against radioactive gas. Radon gases are a natural occurrence that enter buildings through floors along cables and pipes.

Cast in wall water-stop puddle flange.


Prevent water leaking through foundation walls, pool walls, floor slabs, fish hatchery containment systems, aqua farming operations. The units fit all American and International pipe sizes.

Puddle flanges waterproof sealing systems, are easy to install and may be used on all pipe types.

Pipes may continue through a concrete structure protected by the EDPM puddle flange. Protection against radioactive gas.

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EDPM puddle flanges: NBR rubber puddle flanges available.


Puddle flanges
WA-PF models have raised profile ridges on the collar creating a bonding surface for concrete.

EDPM elastomer collars thick disk materials compressed during the concrete pouring process and relaxes into shrink cavities during the concrete drying process. EDPM rubber disks units are pressure-tight up to 145 psi (10 bar).


The rubber density is 1030 Kg/m cube with a tensile strength of 8/N/mm square. They prevent water creep along the pipe exterior into a structure.

316L stainless steel tightening bands firmly attach the puddle flange to the pipe.

Puddle flanges Watertight collars floor units

Cast in a floor slaps to waterproof pipes that are installed through the floor. EDPM rubber is resistant to a wide range of acids and chemicals.

Puddle Flanges with NBR rubber material for Oil/Gas applications are available. 316L Stainless steel pipe clamping bands for greater corrosion resistance come with the WA-PF puddle flange kit.


Tight against pressurized media up to 10 bar.
Fast to install, suitable for all pipe and conduit materials.
316L stainless steel strap fasteners.

Install Video - up to d500 size

Install Video large pipe - up to d1600 size

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Sizing Chart for Puddle Flanges

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