Watertight modular seals

Watertight sealing for pipes through concrete walls

Unlike other modular seals WA-MS seal links have torque control bolt head windows, provide optimum watertight sealing torque. With stainless 316L hardware and embedded nuts in the compression plates the modular seals are an upgrated class seal.

WA-MS modular seals provide watertight pipe passage either through wall sleeve openings or core drill.

WA-MS modular seal for large pipe diameters. Tightening nuts are embedded in the plate - no loss parts.

Fits all American and international pipe sizes.


Watertight : up to 5 bar (72 psi) pressure. / 160ft head of water pressure.

Tightening the bolts expands the elastomer to make a watertight seal. Optimum tightness is confirmed by the bolt head window.

Embedded hardware nuts-no lost parts during installation.

EDPM elastomer seals or (NBR elastomer for hydrocarbon applications.)

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See seal sizing charts

Watertight solutions for pipe penetrations in treatment plants, sewage storage tunnels, manhole hole connector pipes, under ground tunnels, foundation structures.

Advantages / upgrades

Seal pipe penetrations through concrete walls.
Torque information windows in the bolt head
Nuts embedded in the compression plates
72 psi sealing / 5bar up to 160ft. water-head
Seals for PVC, HDPE & Steel pipes
Large pipe diameter seals

No leaks.

  • Optimum tightness confirmation at a glance.

Tight up to 72 psi (5 bar) ( approved by Lloyds register).

"Yellow window indicators" - "Safe" - "Watertight"


Modular seals install Guide

Modular seal sizing Chart

Modular seal links spec


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WA-pipeline thermal expansion joints


WA-Modular seals are hydroponic seals for watertight pipe through wall connections. Modular seals are not ment to compensate for thermal movement of the pipeline.

In applications were thermal movement of the pipe is present, expansion joints are required to compensate for axial expansion / contraction of the pipeline.

Stainless steel thermal expansion joints wih sliding telescopic joints, allow thermal effects up to 250 mm movement. Telescopic joint seals are available several medium requirements - applications for example requiring EDPM, NBR etc.

Thermal expansion joints can be supplied from 50 mm up to 600 mm diameter pipes. Joints are available with flange connections or pipe ends that are beveled for welding connections also they can be ordered with a restriction device.

After fabricated the stainless steel expansion joints are fully passivated, providing the highest possible degree of corrosion resistance.

WA-Expansion Joints are engineered for requirements such as special lengths, alternative materials or special seals can be incorporated in the design.


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